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How To: Concrete Slab Pour

Tradecraft is always my favorite thing so learn. Watching concrete dry isnt exciting but seeing how to pour correctly is!

Can You Read Structural Drawings?

If somebody handed you structural drawings, could you read them? Here is a fantastic overview of the basics.

Multi-tools. Some are garbage, some are awesome. These are all awesome

There is always a glut of multi-tools on the market. Here are 5 that we think are pretty extraordinary. My personal favorite is the Lever Gear toolcard. Check them out.

Profit Markup vs. Margin – Simple Formula, Common Mistake

A lot of contractors incorrectly calculate profit on their estimates. Most contractors use the markup method – but this method will leave your bottom line coming up short every time! In this brief video, they explain the difference between a … Read More

It’s The Weekend: Building A Shed By Yourself

Look at this! Somebody gave us a great overview of how to build a shed!

It works for contractors too!

You might want to check out Warren Buffett’s top 10 rules for success. The very first thing is “Find your passion!”

What is a construction worker salary these days?

I recently saw this and thought I would post. I disagree with the numbers offered in here but maybe because I only deal with licensed skilled professionals. Any thoughts? Details about this chart    

How much markup on materials?

Lots of contractors are leaving money on the table by not adding markup to materials. Do yourself a big favor and start if you aren’t. More here:

Homemade tools from a drill

If you ever needed a desk blower, now you know how to make one. And 3 other crazy tools.

Review: Field Tested – The Martinez M1 Titanium-Handled Hammers

There is a lot of debate about titanium hammers versus steel hammers and the debate has been going on for a few years now. The questions all address whether titanium hammers are worth the cost, which is sometimes 4-5 times … Read More