Top tool vest for 2017?

See what 36 hours on research, videography, and editing work produce to review the top options for tool vests. Sure, you can try and carry all your gear around in the pockets of those beaten up old cargo pants, but …

Choosing The Right Tool Vest

Some tool vests are ready to accommodate everything from a cordless drill to an array of full sized hammers; others are decidedly smaller and are only suitable for hand tools like screwdrivers and pliers. The right tool vest for you is the one that puts the tools you use most often close at hand.

If you only tend to work with a few tools for most projects, then by all means get a simpler, lower priced tool vest. Many can be had for around twenty dollars that are more than adequate for light professional work or for the DIY hobbyist.

However, if you are a general contractor who tackles all sorts of projects, or if your specific line of work merits the use of myriad tools, you may want to consider treating yourself to a tool vest that costs a hundred dollars or more (some options cost more than two hundred dollars, in fact) but that can hold dozens of tools of varied size. A great tool vest will last for years and years of regular use, so consider its purchase an investment in long term convenience.

Don’t overlook your own needs in terms of comfort and safety when buying a tool vest. Breathability is important if you work in a warm area or if you tend to sweat easily, and proper support is important for this long hours spend working

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