Monthly Archives: October 2017

Construction workers among most susceptible to opioid abuse

President Donald Trump declared the opioid epidemic a national public health emergency. The construction industry’s total prescription opioid spent is 5-10% higher than any other industry represented in the study. There is a financial implication to this – a construction … Read More

Wet Weather is Coming. Some Simple Considerations for your Next Dumpster Rental

Contractor Talk has a quick article with some helpful tips around dumpster rentals. Illegal Dumping Location and Positioning Accesibility Weather Details here ServicePair PRO for just $0.99

Simple and Effective Ways To Market Your Handyman Services

Here are 5 great and straightforward marketing ideas to grow you revenue if you’re a handyman. Beyond the Signpost Flyer—How to Market Your Handyman Services ServicePair PRO for just $0.99