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4 Reasons to Never Pull a Permit for a Homeowner

If you’re the contractor on a job for a homeowner, pulling permits will likely be part of the scope of services you’re being paid to provide. You’ll include the cost of the permits plus a fee to cover the time … Read More

Construction Insurance for Homeowners

Construction insurance is no different than normal insurance for the homeowner. The intent is to ensure that any liability for damage, personal injury or other types of damages do not become a financial or legal issue for you, the homeowner.  … Read More

Avoid rework by avoiding these review traps

Sticking with tried-and-true paper files Putting off investing in tech in the field “If it ain’t till broke don’t fix it” Failing to adjust planning in real time Want more info? Read this great article at Connect&Construct!

Big Jump in Building Permits for Residential Units in San Diego

There were more than 2,100 residential construction permits issued in June, the most since March 2005. The sector has lagged most of this year, enough so that the total number of permits issued in the first six months as a … Read More

Tradesperson with a kid? Best selling

…construction toys and games on Amazon! Sure its fun to look.

Top tool vest for 2017?

See what 36 hours on research, videography, and editing work produce to review the top options for tool vests. Sure, you can try and carry all your gear around in the pockets of those beaten up old cargo pants, but … Read MoreRead More

Three new laws to encourage housing construction in San Diego

Do you know what San Diego City Council is doing to help create more housing?

Hot on the job site? Indoors?

Here is a list of the best portable fans. Reviewed for you by Popular Mechanics!  

Do you know the basics of construction accounting?

Knowing basic financial numbers in your business will save you a ton of heartache and frustration. If you only know one number (say, your revenue number) but not your net income, you might find in 8 months that you’re out … Read More

Reading an electrical drawing starts here Reading an electrical drawing starts ‘here’….do you know where ‘here’ is? Do you know how to read an electrical drawing? Do you know what a set of plans is? Do you even know how to read an electrical drawing … Read MoreRead More