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Signing Up

When opening ServicePair for the first time, you'll start with registration and account set up.

ServicePair Set Up Account

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Sign Up in ServicePair

1. Log In

From the app’s welcome screen, you can sign up for ServicePair with an Email Address or Facebook. If you use an email address, you’ll also need to enter a password.

Enter Basic Information

2. Add Basic Information

The second screen has the basics of your business. The first line is the name of your business. If you are an individual you can just use your name.

The second line is the your Business Category. Start typing and you’ll get an auto-populated list.

If you are a licensed contractor, select your California State License Board (CSLB) license type. After basic registration, you’ll be able to add more categories or license types, using our Profile Wizard.

Confirm ServicePair account

3. Confirm Account

The next screen gives you the choice to go directly to the app or use the Profile Wizard.

*Note: Please check your email for confirmation and verification. If you did not receive email, please check your Junk/Spam folder. If you need further support,
please contact us by email:

Access Profile Wizard

Go to the Menu and select “Profile” to get to your Business Home Screen. 

Select Profile Wizard

Edit Profile Details

on the Business Home Screen. Select “More” on top right and then “Edit Profile” from the popup window.
Access More DetailsEdit Profile

1. Enter Contact Details

The Profile Wizard has three screens.
First is the contact information for your business. Please make sure your address and Zip Code are correct for the search engine. 

Enable Text Messages

Toggle the “Enable Text” switch for any phone number. 

Enter Contact details in ServicePair

2. Enter Service Details

Use the Category Picker to select up to 10 categories that describe your specialties. Make sure you add your CSLB categories as well!

If your service area Zip Code is different than your business address, enter a Zip Code you would prefer to have in our searches, use the “Primary Service Zip Code” field.

*Tip: The larger your Service Radius, the more you show up in searches under your category. Setting to “Unlimited” will ensure you’re included in all searches!

In ServicePair PRO your Company Slogan, Background and Description are also displayed in your public profile.

Enter Service details in ServicePairEnter Service Zip Code in ServicePairSet Service Radius in ServicePair

3. Enter More Information

The third screen contains a lot of important details that will help your search visibility. Make sure the right type of businesses find you when using the Advanced Search options. 

If you are licensed you can enter your license number and ServicePair will link to CSLB website automatically. You can also upload an image as well. Choose an image from your phone or take a live photo. As of this version, your uploads aren’t visible to searchers –but it’s in the works! Please enter your license number for the best search results
Enter More Information in ServicePair

Setting up Profile

There are some very important items for setting up your business properly using the Profile Wizard.

Update profile in ServicePair App

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Finding Businesses

Finding businesses using 
ServicePair PRO is a Breeze! 
ServicePair Starter has basic functionality.

Contact Businesses in ServicePair video

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Quick Search

Quick searches can be done from the home screen. 

1. Toggle the switch to “Use your location” as the center of the search. If you’d like to use a certain Zip Code as the center of the search, then enter that instead. 

2. Enter the type of business or service you are looking for. As you type, the various categories and business names that match will appear. Select the one that most represents what you are looking for! 
Quick Search in ServicePair using current locationQuick Search in ServicePair using Zip CodeQuick Search in ServicePair by name or category

Advanced Searches

Example shown is a search for “Plumber” + “CSLB License Category Plumber (Class-A)” with a manually entered Zip Code. –You can either hit “Search” or add more criteria by using “Advanced Search.”
Advanced Search lets you fine-tune your search with various toggles and drop downs. 

1. One of the key search criteria is how far from the center of your search area you’d like to search. The default is 25 miles, but you can adjust this using the distance drop down just like you did while setting up your Service Radius in Profile Wizard.

2. Select the various criteria to narrow your search *If the business hasn’t entered the details you are asking for, they won’t be visible in your search. If you’d like a broad search, go back to Quick Search or don’t toggle options. 

3. The last toggle lets you save your settings to use as your default search in the future. This is especially useful if you can only hire licensed contractors or have other key requirements. 
Choose Advanced Search in ServicePair PROAdvanced Search options in ServicePair PRO
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