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Construction Insurance for Homeowners

Construction insurance is no different than normal insurance for the homeowner. The intent is to ensure that any liability for damage, personal injury or other types of damages do not become a financial or legal issue for you, the homeowner.  … Read More

Top tool vest for 2017?

See what 36 hours on research, videography, and editing work produce to review the top options for tool vests. Sure, you can try and carry all your gear around in the pockets of those beaten up old cargo pants, but … Read MoreRead More

Hot on the job site? Indoors?

Here is a list of the best portable fans. Reviewed for you by Popular Mechanics!  

How To: Stairs Without Stringers? Can It Be Done?

The short answer; yes! Check out the Samurai Carpenter’s video and support his YouTube channel  

Have You Ever Seen A Drywall Art Sculpture?

WOW! Bernie Mitchell does amazing work with drywall compounds to create wonderful works of art. He was nice enough to come down and film this video with us for all of you folks at home! We sincerely hope you enjoy … Read More

18 Unbelievable Discoveries During Construction! One Shouldn’t Be That Your Contractor Isn’t Licensed.

Tricks With Framing Square From “Classic Work”

Classic Work has a great channel here with lots of good stuff. Here are some tips and tricks on the framing square.

Arched Wood Bridge, Start to Finish Time Lapse

Here is a time lapse of The Samurai Carpenter building a wood bridge over a pond for one of his clients. Enjoy!